Providing Representation In Will Contests

As family situations change over the years, disputes can erupt over the terms of a family member's will. Whether you are the executor, a beneficiary or someone who was removed from a will, it is important to get proper advice to protect your rights and interests.

In Farmingdale, New York, and across Long Island, individuals and families have turned to me, attorney Anthony J. Addeo, for representation in complex will contests. An experienced probate litigator, I pride myself on providing straightforward legal advice and options to realistically achieve clients' goals.

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Get The Necessary Guidance For A Complex Area Of The Law

New York has very strict requirements for creating wills. It is quite difficult to get a will thrown out in court, which is why you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you evaluate your claims. Common grounds for having a will declared invalid include:

  • Improper execution, such as lacking the proper number of witnesses
  • The testator being mentally incompetent at the time of the will's creation and not understanding what he or she was doing
  • Undue influence or fraud, such as a child or a new spouse convincing a testator to change a will to benefit him or her and cut out all other family members
  • Discovery of a second will that could replace the first will

The first step is to initiate a 1404 examination of the will's draftsman to determine how it was created, if there were proper witnesses and if the testator was competent. Based on the results of this examination, I can give you my assessment of the strength of your case, no matter which side of the dispute you are on. By being personally involved in every step of your case, I am able to give you the advice you need — even if it may not be what you want to hear — to best protect your interests.

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